Rock My Adventure

We offer small group African adventure tours that incorporate the best elements of solo travel and backpacking, with the best elements of more traditional group tours.

Our trips take place in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, the DRC, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), Lesotho, Mozambique and Sierra Leone.

We bring together individuals for a fun and laid-back backpacking/flashpacking (aka fancy backpacking) adventure trip, similar to how you would experience Africa if you travelled independently, but with the added bonus of having a group of friends built in.

We work with the best local suppliers and guides to provide you with the adventure you’ve always dreamed of. We work with lots of great local businesses & social enterprises on the tours and support a number of local charities.

Our aim is to show you the Africa we know and love… not just the generalised Africa you see in the media.

We go on amazing safaris, climb mountains and go gorilla trekking, but we also visit local markets and villages, we take you off the beaten path, we go to the local bars and restaurants and introduce you to our local friends.

Rock My Adventure trips do not feel like a ‘tour’. Not in the traditional sense anyway. Our style of travel is relaxed and informal.

Our groups are limited to 8 – 10 people to ensure that the trips don’t feel too ‘tour’ like. This allows us to get to know each other properly and make friends as we go.

We include most things in the tour, however we like to leave a little bit of freedom and flexibility so that you can do your own thing if you want to. This is your holiday and we want you to enjoy it.

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Why Choose Rock My Adventure?


Rock My Adventure tours are fun, laid-back group trips for those who want an authentic Africa backpacking/flashpacking experience but with a group of friends built in. Our groups are limited to 8 – 12 people to ensure that the trips don’t feel too ‘tour’ like and allows us to get to know each other properly and make friends as we go.


Each tour is created by Africa Enthusiast,  Travel Expert and Blogger Helen in Wonderlust. We work with local companies to show you the Africa we know and love, to ensure you have a safe and unforgettable, once in a lifetime adventure. From safaris, to nightlife, to history and culture, to adventurous activities and everyday life in Africa – we cover it all.


Our aim is to literally rock your adventure and make sure you have an amazing experience on your trip to Africa, by organising an epic and culturally immersive itinerary, at an affordable price but without the stress of planning and booking everything yourself.

The Rock My Adventure Story

In 2009, I took my first solo backpacking trip through Africa, backpacking, volunteering and overlanding from Nairobi to Cape Town and completely fell in love with the continent – the people, the wildlife, the scenery. I felt alive like never before.

When I returned home, I couldn’t get Africa out of my mind and returned as often as I could, eventually getting a job as a tour guide in Zambia and Malawi in 2012.

Back in the UK in 2013, I was missing Africa and browsing through the internet one day, when I realised that there was very little information online about backpacking through Africa, so I started my travel blog (Helen in Wonderlust) to help dispel the myths about the continent, to share information and to encourage and help others travel too.

My blog became my passion, and in my spare time, I continued to travel and write. Over the next 3 years, my readership grew and people began to see me as an Africa travel expert. I received dozens of emails and messages every week from people who wanted to travel Africa, just like I did. Some of them even asked if they could travel with me.

In 2016 I decided to run my first tour to Kenya. I wanted to show people the Kenya I fell in love with. I called it the ‘This is Kenya’ tour and it was supposed to be a one off, but it went so well and was so much fun that I decided to do it again the following year.

Whilst planning the 2017 Kenya tour I was made redundant from my job in experiential marketing and event management, so I thought… this is my chance to turn my passion (my blog and my tours) into a full-time business, so that’s what I did.

Rock My Adventure was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

We now run trips to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, the DRC, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, eSwatini (Swaziland), Mozambique, Morocco and Sierra Leone, with more destinations coming soon!

I hope you can join us on one of these incredible adventures!


Helen x

Meet the Team


Managing Director, Tour Organiser & Awesome Tour Leader

Hi, I’m Helen!

I’ve been travelling in Africa for the last 10 years and lead trips through Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Uganda and the DRC. I love to travel all over the world, but it’s Africa that holds the special place in my heart.

I started the Helen in Wonderlust blog, first and foremost to encourage and help others travel in my favourite continent. From there I started Rock My Adventure to show you the adventurous, beautiful, wild and real Africa I know and love.

I like to get to the heart of the places I travel, to go on epic adventures, to be out in the wild, to meet local people, to experience the nightlife, to try new things, to immerse myself in the culture and most of all to have fun! All Rock My Adventure tours are planned with all these things at the forefront.

I’m pretty fearless and as one of my Namibian friends once called me, ‘a tough old bird’ (less of the old, thanks), but you won’t find me jumping out of a plane. I leave that kind of stuff up to Jessi…

Favourite African Countries: Sierra Leone, Zambia, Malawi & Tanzania.

Favourite African Adventure: Sailing to the remote Turtle Island of Sierra Leone and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (twice).



Fab Photographer & Awesome Tour Leader

Hi, I’m Matt!

There’s nothing in the world I love more than traveling and taking photos of what I see.  I love to meet new people, embark on new adventures, embrace different cultures, and make lasting memories along the way.  Photography for me offers yet another way to experience and remember all the things I love about traveling, plus it’s challenging, entertaining, and rewarding.  But you won’t find me hiding behind my camera for most of the journey.  Nope, not me!  I find balance between living the experiences first hand and capturing what I find most interesting.  I think that balance is critical to having a great time while also creating great images.  I’ve done a good deal of both group and solo travel (30 countries visited to date), and am now beginning to lead group tours and photography workshops at home and abroad.

I was born and raised in Northern California, and still call it home today.  I currently live in Sacramento (where I’m from), but I spent 10 years in San Francisco from 2007-2017 working as a sales manager in the tech industry.  Besides traveling and taking pictures, I love SCUBA diving (I’m a PADI-certified Instructor).  I’m an “adventurous” eater (I’ll try just about anything).  And I love to laugh!  I’m always up for a dance party, and I’ll never turn down a good karaoke night!

I made my first trip to Africa in 2017 and fell in love!  I was considering going on an overland truck tour when I found Helen’s blog, and it gave me the confidence and all the critical information I needed to plan out my own itinerary.  I booked some solo travel through Kenya and Uganda based on information from “Helen in Wonderlust” and then joined Helen’s “Rock My Adventure” tour through Tanzania shortly afterward. I loved it so much that in 2018 I returned for “Rock My Adventure – Namibia.”  I’m so grateful I found Helen’s blog because it’s been an incredible way to experience Africa and I’m excited for the opportunity to now work together and to be part of the Rock My Adventure team!

Favourite African Countries: Kenya, Tanzania & Namibia.

Favourite African Adventure: Photographing the Migration in the Masai Mara.


Awesome Tour Leader

Hi, I’m Jessi!

Originally from Germany, I fell in love with Africa on the 2017 Rock My Uganda, Rwanda & DRC Adventure in 2017. My tour mates, Helen and I, bonded whilst climbing to the top of a live volcano (Mount Nyiragongo) in the DRC and trekking to find mountain gorillas in the jungles of Uganda. This trip turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made and I had no idea of the crazy adventures and the new journey that lay ahead of me!

After the tour, I continued to travel around Africa independently and now I’m back as a Rock My Adventure tour leader. In 2018 I’ve guided trips through Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique!

I have backpacked all over the world, but Africa is extra special to me. It is challenging, exciting and breathtakingly beautiful.

I love getting to know the local culture, having fun, talking to interesting new people, exploring, the stunning nature and being open to spontaneous adventures and I can´t wait to show you just how incredible Africa really is.

Favourite African Countries: Tanzania, Uganda & Kenya.

Favourite African Adventure: Climbing Mount Nyiragongo in the Congo.


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