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Rock My Botswana & Victoria Falls Adventure

“This tour was described like: “There’s nothing quite like a Botswana safari” – this was an understatement. We saw some of the most amazing and fascinating places in this world, more animals that I could have ever dreamt to come close to, and had extraordinary experiences that we’ll never forget. Helen is incredibly thoughtful, generous, cheerful, passionate and knowledgeable about Africa, happy to share a lot on local cultures, history, tips, etc. I really liked the authenticity of this tour and how we were not too disconnected from the locals. I am lucky enough to travel quite a lot, and this is one of the most beautiful trips I have ever done. Thank you SO MUCH!”



“Our trip to Botswana and Victoria Falls was an incredible experience. We saw and impressive number of interesting animals (impressive even to the safari veterans in our group), as well as the mesmerizing Victoria Falls. Helen is an attentive and organized group leader which made our first trip to Africa a rare combination of exciting and carefree. Thank you!”



“This trip simply blew my mind. Never before have I encountered so much wildlife close up. Seeing a lioness peacefully nursing her cubs right in front of our eyes and a leopard ripping open a rather ripe Elephant carcass a few meters from us were just a couple of the highlights. We must either have had a lucky charm or our talented guide can take all the credit for the incredible wildlife sightings: two cheetas resting in the shade, hyenas fighting over the spoils of an Elephant calf and comically the black backed jackals butting in and outsmarting them. From the bone dry Kalahari to the rich waters of the Delta, the green savanna of Moremi to the sandy, stormy desert of Savuti, on to Chobe and to the breathtaking rainbows over Victoria Falls, this trip just had it all. The highlights kept coming! Daily we saw large herds of Elephants, and were collectively cooing over the baby Elephants running around, learning to use their trunks. Having initially felt somewhat apprehensive about camping, it turned out to be my favourite part of the trip. Being so completely immersed in nature, falling asleep to the sound of hippos close to the tent and watching the mist rise from the river in the early morning light, made us feel incredibly alive. We explored the landscape by car, canoe, on foot, by plane and cruiseship and every time there was more to see, more to learn, more to enjoy. This trip is a treat for all animal lovers that you cannot effort to miss.” 





Rock My Sierra Leone Adventure

“I had an amazing time on the Rock My Adventure, Sierra Leone trip. I generally love to travel solo, but I knew a country with as few tourists as Sierra Leone would be lonely to travel and difficult to plan (especially in a limited time frame). Rock My Adventure was unique because it seemed more like a bunch of adventurous friends traveling together to a place where no one else we know wanted to go, rather than on a strict inflexible tour. Helen made the impossible possible: creating a fun, adventurous itinerary for a small group of people in a country that is not yet ready for tourists. We were not only able to see a lot of the country but also to experience the kind of “unexpected adventures” more common to solo travel – all within a two week period, a feat that would likely have been almost impossible to accomplish alone. I think you really nailed the “Flashpacker” concept. The Rock My Adventure Sierra Leone tour was truly special and I can’t wait to try the next destination. This is a unique tour and I highly recommend it.”



“Helen you were a great and organised group leader whilst still immersing yourself as just one of the group. I wanted a trip that would give me new experiences and adventures led by someone committed and trusted to deliver this in a small friendly group. This was exactly what I got. I always felt safe. The fact that several other group members had previously done trips and were back to experience another trip speaks for itself. I am already looking at other trips to go on.”



“This trip is a true “off the beaten path” adventure. It was everything I hoped for. I loved absolutely everything we did! I loved the variety of the landscapes we visited, from chaotic and colourful Freetown to the steaming jungles of Tiwai to the glorious warm waters of the shoreline, there is so much to experience in Sierra Leone. Some of the places felt truly remote and due to the lack of tourism, it was a very authentic experience. I will never forget my dance-offs with the Temne women of Rogbonko and the Mende of Tiwai. Without speaking we understood each other and had fun. Those are truly precious moments. Nature was stunning and because we had camping and ecolodge accommodation, I could feel really at one with the world around me. Looking up at a star-strewn sky at Turtle Island whilst going for a nighttime pee was beautiful. I will never forget the glorious full moon lighting up the midnight clouds over Tiwai Island, or the lazy green river Moa snaking its way through the jungle, flanked by yellow sand. Sierra Leone is lucky to have a good amount of untouched nature preserved and I urge everyone to go and see this hidden gem.” 



“The trip exceeded my expectations and it was exactly what I had hoped it would be! It’s given me the travelling experience I felt I missed out on by not having a gap year when I was younger and has also given me the confidence to have adventures of my own! I absolutely loved visiting Sierra Leone with Rock My Adventure and I would definitely recommend any of the tours to my friends! Having never done any travel in Africa before and having only ever travelled with people I already knew, to say I was anxious at the start of the trip was a complete understatement. However, within a few hours I couldn’t have been happier and by the end of the trip not only had my confidence grown immeasurably but I had also made 6 friends for life. This trip exceeded all my expectations by far and I have made the most incredible memories that I definitely won’t forget! The hardest thing now is how to decide which tour to book next…” 



“I’ve been on two Rock My Adventure tours previously, but I didn’t really know what to expect from Sierra Leone. But it was absolutely amazing and one of my best ever holidays. It felt like a proper adventure. I loved that it was a bit unknown for all of us – it felt like a genuine adventure with a group of friends.” 



“This is the third Rock My Adventure tour I have done. I keep coming back for more because Helen delivers exactly what I want from travel, to immerse myself in local culture and experience what that country has to offer. This isn’t just a holiday it’s a lifetime experience, a chance to challenge yourself and really see the real “Africa” of whatever country you decide to visit. Sierra Leone was my top bucket list destination for personal reasons and what a country to visit. I can not recommend Rock My Adventure more, I’ve met some amazing people, made friends for life, experienced the highs and lows of African travel and loved every second. Don’t think about these trips too long, just book one, I promise you won’t regret it!” 




Rock My Uganda, Rwanda & DRC Adventure

“It has taken me 8 months to write this review because I couldn’t find the right words to describe it. It was perfect. Helen (you) are the perfect host. You know your stuff. You are good to the local guides you work with. You were always smiling, It was by far the best thing Jon and I have done together since backpacking through SEA in the early 90’s. You gave us the opportunity to experience a kind of authenticity that we thought was lost to ‘iPhone travel’ (the type of travel that no longer requires a book, a guide and help from the locals). We thought we had lost the opportunity to feel that authentic travel. We are very experienced travellers, flashpackers, and there is no way we could have arranged this on our own. We loved that it never ever felt like we were on a tour. We felt like we met up with long lost friends for a backpacking reunion. The cast of characters and the relationships formed were because of how you put this trip together. It. Was. Life changing. The trip was so good Helen. I am so lucky I stumbled across your site. I’ve recommended you to everyone I know. Thank you.”


It was 10/10 amazing. The group was so diverse but had a great dynamic. I can’t recommend this tour enough! It is incredible to think of the amount we managed to see and do in the time we had, and yet it didn’t feel rushed. I loved that it was a small group, which meant we could easily interact with locals as well as really get to know one another. Jessi was amazing and everything was so chilled and easy. She took all the admin out of the trip meaning we could save our energy for all the adventures. Helen was super helpful in the lead up to the trip, answering all questions so quickly and giving excellent briefing packs. I honestly couldn’t imagine a better trip!


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for organising this trip for us in Rwanda, DRC and Uganda. It was a wonderful experience and the first of this kind (i.e. group travel) for me. I loved everyone in our group. Jessi has been amazing, always on top of the itinerary and tirelessly making sure we’re attended for and organised, and always kept her smile and good mood. Thank you very much for setting up something so great and for making sure that local communities benefit from our travels there!


 “Helen is one of those people who will make any situation really fun. This girl could make a tour through my mildewy basement seem like a blast, so having her introduce me to sub-Saharan Africa was pretty much the best thing ever!!” 



 “This was everything I hoped for and more. If the plane had crashed on the way home, I would have died happy!” 



 “You showed me “Africa” the real Africa, the people, the villages, the wildlife! I didn’t want hotels, complexes, swimming pools! I want to see the world, the real world, how other people live, the real Africa!! I got the whole package, the reality, the beauty, the wonder! You left me wanting more and eager that see more of what the amazing Africa has to offer! Second trip with you! I keep coming back so clearly I enjoy them!” 



 “Helen was more than amazing…I could not do what she does. She listens, she accommodates when possible, she is flexible and she is caring. The numerous adventures in Rwanda and Uganda were steeped in a cultural awareness that made this trip different from any other African safari tours.” 



 My friend and I went on the Rwanda/Uganda tour in July 2018. Amazing group! Jessi was an awesome group leader — always on top of things. Definitely hope to travel with her again if I do another RMA tour. It was such a well-rounded trip with nature activities, cultural experiences with locals, and lots of animal sight-seeing!” 



 “I loved the variety of the places we visited, and the interaction/immersion with the country and its people. The activities we got to do were all excellent. For the short time we had, we did get to do a lot. The places we saw, activities we did, people we met – in Kampala, the Women’s Centre, the tour, … I almost felt ‘at home’ in some places, which I think is a rare thing when travelling in faraway countries and in no small part, this was owing to the guidance of our leader and connections to the people there. I want to visit again. Jessi was brilliant, very welcoming right from the beginning and very personable. Always inclusive to everyone in the group and mindful of our needs while organising and managing trip. I should point out as well that discovering on the first day I was the only guy on the trip, I felt a little apprehension. I thought Jess did a marvellous job of actively ensuring that I, and every other group member, didn’t feel left out at any stage. I couldn’t have asked for a better leader. She was great at negotiating/managing/organising and she was able to answer our (many) questions day-to-day. A fantastic trip led by an awesome guide! We all had trouble picking our favourite part of it — the experiences and activities were each quite different and special in their own right. A great balance of fun, adventure and awe-inspiring experiences.” 



 “Helen truly puts her whole heart into her adventures and shares her joy with the group. Thank you for your non-stop positivity and patience. A fabulous guide! Amazing pre-trip support! Thank you x a million.”



Rock My South Africa, eSwatini & Mozambique Adventure

“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing trip. It was a dream come true for me! I felt it was very well organised, taking in all the highlights and I loved the pace. There was always something amazing to look forward to every day. A never-ending stream of breathtaking experiences. Every single accommodation was of really high quality. I thought the balance between nature and culture, action and rest days was really well judged. I enjoyed watching the landscape change from the dry veldt to the tropical palm fringed beaches. The food was fantastic and the included meals more than generous! For me the highlights were the game drives in Kruger. We saw the big five and also a pack of 18 wild dogs 5 meters from the road. We had the best time watching them for a good half hour…seeing them wee on each other…😊 I loved everything about Swaziland, especially my long walks in Mlilwane, my encounters with huge crocs and the cultural dancing as well as the visit to the medicine man’s hut. Mozambique was great too with its huge expanse of deserted beaches and I loved swimming with whale sharks. It really took my breath away having them 3 meters from me. The dhow cruise to the island was much fun and the restaurant in Barra was one of the best places I have ever eaten in my life. Jessi was very accommodating and really wanted us to enjoy ourselves and get the most out of the trip. Everything went very smoothly and all my trepidations about travel in Africa are gone. I am totally hooked on this continent: the landscape, the wildlife, the people, the history. I cant wait to keep exploring Africa with “Rock My Adventure”. It was a trip of a lifetime for me and truly enriched me.”


Rock My Namibia Adventure

“After participating in Helen’s inaugural Rock My Namibia Adventure tour, all I have to say is…not only would I repeat that same tour again, but I will absolutely be joining more Rock My Adventure tours in future! It was an unforgettable, adventurous and inspiring experience, full of all the spectacular landscapes and fun activities that Namibia has to offer. We saw most of this beautiful country and visited all of the highlights; getting to climb the red dunes Namibia is famous for, witnessing unbelievable scenes of wildlife in Etosha National Park, and looking for diamonds in the desert sands overtaking the abandoned mining town of Kolmanskop. Our guides were absolutely incredible and did and amazing job taking care of us throughout the trip. They also educated us and gave us so much interesting info about their country. Kudos to them for a job very well done! Helen and Jessi rocked! Besides being very open and warm and helpful to everyone in the group all the time, they bring such fantastic, fun energy every single day! I knew, without a doubt that they would go above and beyond to take care of any issues I had and to make my experience in Namibia an unforgettable one! Helen’s boundless energy and warmth, and her incredible love of Africa, made the experience even more special. I’ve been back home for a day now, and all I can think is “take me back to Namibia…let’s do it again!”.



 “The Rock My Namibia tour was my second Rock My Adventure tour with Helen (and my first with Jessi) and it was so much fun! Not only did I meet some amazing people, I got to see and experience everything I wanted to and came away with some great photographs. As a photographer that’s important to me, and I can testify that photographic opportunities abound on this tour! Couldn’t recommend the trip more highly in terms of value for the money. I’ve traveled extensively both solo and with groups and can say confidently that Rock My Adventure is top notch! Can’t wait for the next adventure!” 



 “Rock my Namibia tour was everything I hoped for. It was a very good mix of cultural and natural environment, with excellent social activities as well as available free time. The trip exceeded my expectations. I felt that it gave me the opportunity to explore Namibia, taking in a lot of sights and activities. Guides where fantastic.” 



 “This tour included all the highlights of Namibia that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, plus it was a small group tour and not run by a big company, so it was more personal. Even though I’m from South Africa, Namibia has always been on my travel to-do list and as a solo traveller it’s not an easy destination to tackle. When I saw the itinerary for Helen’s tour I knew that I had to sign up as it included all the sights and activities that I wanted to experience. Being on a small group tour was a bonus as it was more personal and by the end of the trip we felt like a close family unit. I must admit that camping was quite an adjustment to the system, but it added to the experience and nothing beats chatting around the campfire with new friends (and a bottle of Amarula). I would definitely recommend Helen’s tours as she is passionate about Africa and has so much knowledge about travelling around this amazing continent.”



“I’ve wanted to visit Namibia for a really long time, and I am so glad I was able to see it through this tour! In almost all ways this trip exceeded expectations! The people were all so amazing – from my fellow travelers to the guides, I couldn’t have asked for better companions. Namibia is an amazing country and this was an amazing way to see it. I really appreciated that we got to see so much of Namibia – it felt like a really good overview of the country.”


Rock My Malawi, Zambia & Botswana Adventure

 “Helen is the best! Her patience and knowledge know no bounds. She was great at balancing out the different personalities on the trip and making sure everyone was comfortable. Helen, my other tour mates, and the locals made every day fun and interesting. I waited a long time to make my first trip to Africa and now I know why – I needed to see it with Helen and my 7 other new friends/tour mates! Not only did we get to see some of Africa’s most amazing sights (leopards, lion cubs, 1000 elephants, fighting giraffes, Victoria Falls, local villages) but our down time was just as wonderful (dancing in Cape Maclear, winning the pub quiz, chatting around the campfire, drinking all the red wine). It’s one of the best trips I’ve ever taken and it will be hard to top. I can’t wait to return to Africa! But how do I decide which Rock My Adventure tour to go on next?”



 “Saw and did so much stuff but it still remained a relaxed tour which was great. Loved it all. Brilliant tour leader. Forgot all sense of time and just got fully immersed in the experience. Loved the chilled out vibe of Cape Maclear, the baby leopard in South Luangwa, the elephants in Chobe and the dancing in Livingstone. When we came to leave, had that feeling of being a sad child at the end of an amazing holiday. Have already recommended the tours to my friends. Thanks so much Jessi and Helen.”



 “This trip was amazing! I didn’t think that 8 random strangers could become so dear so quickly. I felt very lucky with the people who came on this trip, as I felt comfortable within a few hours. Helen has magic skills to make everybody feel at ease, comfortable and like they can be themselves. What’s not to love about this tour? And as a bonus: you make amazing friends too!” 



“Helen is a awesome tour guide. The trip was the wonderful experience we were wanting. Thanks for the adventure.” 



Rock My Morocco Adventure


“I was surprised at how beautiful Morocco truly is. I can’t even put it into words!! The trip was the perfect blend of scenery, nature, and culture to give you an insightful glimpse into what life in Morocco is truly like. And the people! They were so friendly, didn’t matter if they were locals or travelers. Helen is a lively, energetic guide who carefully plans out every detail of the tour to provide you with the perfect blend of all the attributes of Morocco within a two week span. I would not hesitate to go on a Rock My Adventure tour again!”


Rock My Tanzania & Zanzibar Adventure

“It was an unforgettable trip to Tanzania & Zanzibar and I loved every minute – so much fun and a new experience every day! If anyone’s thinking of doing a trip to Africa, don’t hesitate, just do it! Go with Helen and experience the real culture of the country and its’ people. I can’t wait for the next adventure!” 


“This trip is definitely one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life!!” 


“The trip went beyond my expectations. I feel the soul of the trip was Helen. Having a guide that is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, sweet and energetic is very important.”


“I would like to thank you for two of the most extraordinary trips I have ever had the joy of experiencing. As I review my photos I feel so overwhelmed. I had the pleasure to meet some amazing people thanks to you. We had great times just sitting around and joking with each other. If anyone is in doubt about booking a tour through Rock My Adventure, don’t hesitate, you’ll never regret it . Thank you, Helen. You are amazing! ❤ Go and you will thank me afterwards.”


“This is a memorable trip that will stay in your mind forever. The mix between relaxing, fun, sporty, cultural and nature activities is perfect and being able to do all that with an awesome group of people is invaluable. I didn’t expect to have so much fun and meet people as wonderful as you all are!” 


“I have had a fantastic time, thank you, you are the best. Thank you for the incredible journey and sharing your love of Africa with me. The laughs and memories will always be cherished… because of you I have fallen in love with Africa.” 


Rock My Kenya Adventure

“So awesome. All I can say is thank you, from the very depth of my heart. Helen, you are a pro. Really great organization and you handle people very well. And it all comes naturally :-). Jessi is great. I really love her attitude. I miss you two already!! No adventure in life is the same. That’s what makes it an adventure! I loved the relationships I built with my fellow travelers, and the experiences we shared together!” 


“This tour was amazing! I have always wanted to travel to Africa but I never had enough time to take months at a time off. I also did not find the overland trips where you are in a large group of 20 or more people camping every night very appealing and none of the small group trips were ones that I could afford. When I stumbled upon Helen’s blog and learned about her tours I honestly thought it was too good to be true. For me this tour was great and I cannot think of any suggestions on how to make it better. It was what I hoped for and more. Any questions I had before the trip were answered or provided in the pre-departure packet. I am really impressed with the activities and the guides that were picked out. Everything/everywhere we stayed at or did felt like it helped or employed people of the local communities. I felt the money that I spent on this trip when to local people or organizations or farmers and not to large corporations or tourist trap businesses. That aspect was really important to me and I really enjoyed the small activities like going to a local bar while we stayed in the Mara. Our tour guide Jessi was a badass and super fun. She was great at adapting to changes or changing something on our itinerary if it was better for the group. She was also a great resource for seeing and understanding how solo travel to other countries is done. I learned a lot from her and my wallet could not have survived the aggressive city markets without her! She was so patient with our group and I really do hope our paths cross again someday! I absolutely loved the safari and our guide and driver the best but there were so many other activities throughout the tour that I never thought about doing and loved them also! Helen has a great network of local guides and drivers and many of the camps or eco lodges we stayed in also have projects with the local communities. I loved seeing that the money that I paid for this trip was going directly to local communities and establishments. As a wildlife biologist the most impressive thing for me to see was how respectful our driver and our guide were to the wildlife while we were on safari. We were able to get close to many amazing animals but throughout the entire time they never got too close to the animals or put them or us in danger so that one of us could get a better picture as I’ve seen other companies do for their tourists. They had upmost respect for the wildlife around us and I greatly enjoyed watching these animals roaming free in their natural habitats. I have already recommended this tour to many of my coworkers and friends and would love to go on another one of these tours myself someday!” 


“I wanted to see as much of Kenya in the time given – which I feel I did. I liked the variety but also liked that there was no pressure to not take part if you didn’t fancy something or just wanted to chill for a bit. Jessi and Helen were great. Always made sure everyone was ok. Went out there way to ensure everyone had what they needed. Super patient, kind and good fun. Two great weeks with great people on the Rock My Kenya Adventure tour. I loved the variety of places we went to, the people we met throughout the tour, the activities we did from climbing a hill with Masai guides, seeing so many different animals on safari, learning some Swahili, getting to the see real side of towns and cities we went to not just touristy areas, and the beautiful Diani beach. Our guides Helen and Jessi were great fun, looked after everyone very well and even helped with advice regarding onward travel and accommodations.” 


“I had the best time ever on the trip & it was so much fun traveling with you! It was everything I had hoped for and more! It 100% met my expectations. I love the fact that your trips are more unique than a normal tour operator. I enjoyed being taken out of my comfort zone in some places and seeing some really different sides of Kenya. I enjoyed the fact that we were made to feel so at home everywhere we went and I’m sure that was helped by the fact you’ve obviously created a lot of meaningful friendships in the country during your time travelling there. It felt like we got a more unique experience than you would get with usual tour operator. I think you make a fantastic guide and your passion for the country definitely shows and adds to the experience.”


This was my first trip to Africa. Wow! What a way to explore Kenya, a really good mixture of sight seeing, and immersing into Kenyan life. From eating a meal at Carnivore to partying in a township in the Maasai Mara where there were no other tourists with well informed guides and a fun packed itinerary. This is a trip not one to miss. I loved it and would definitely book another tour. I found Jessi to be fun, informative, knowledgeable and organised. I think you would be hard pushed to make this tour any better. The tour was amazing value for money! I still don’t know how you did all this on this budget.”


“Thank you for one of the best two weeks of my life. By far the most incredible holiday I’ve ever been on. It was run so brilliantly by you and honestly, I had so much fun. I won’t forget some of our hilarious nights out.”


“This is the best thing I could have done for myself to boost my confidence. It was honestly the best thing I have ever done in my life, bar none. I have made genuine friends that I’m already planning to meet with again. Take me with you everywhere you go…..everywhere! Thank you so much for doing the job you do, I can’t explain how amazing this trip was.” 


“It was a great introduction into Africa travel, before I set out solo travelling. Also as I traveled solo and shared experiences in Kenya with people I was meeting, I sounded like a seasoned solo traveler thanks to you. I did not know what to expect but I think I understand Kenya pretty well now. I think you were able to portray and pass on your infectious love of Kenya to us all and I am forever grateful! Asante!” 


“I have a lot to thank my African adventure for, it truly did help me find myself and has given me the confidence to just go see the world. I never wanted to leave!!! You’ll have the most amazing experience!!!” 


“Africa is not always the easiest place to travel around, and after 3 months of backpacking I was all ready to give my brain a break from travel planning, so it was definitely a relief to have Helen come in and manage all that! I like her tour because it fit me – it was a small group tour, just 8 of us which is a nice number to make new friends and get to know everyone yet have our own thing, and it was a good mix of fancier stuff and indie backpacking. We are all game for round 2 with Helen! Definitely a 5 star review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“It was an amazing trip from start to end. I loved every moment and made friends for life. I always knew I’d love it I just didn’t know how much! We had somewhere to go most days but with plenty of downtime. We got a lot in for the time we were travelling. I was happy with that because I wanted to take in as much of Kenya as I could. There is the option to sit out day trips if you want to do your own thing. I always wanted to travel to Kenya but I feared travelling alone. This was ideal for me. I met some amazing people.”