Rock My Madagascar Adventure

16 Nights from £3,595*

Tour Overview

Join us for an incredible expedition to some of the major highlights of Madagascar!

We’ll explore the capital Antananarivo, or ‘Tana’ for short and the vibrant town of Antsirabe.

The second part of our journey will see us embark on an epic 3-day/2-night adventure along the Tsiribihina River.

Next, we’ll venture to Bekopaka, where we’ll explore Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park, home to the Grande and Petit Tsingys.

Continuing south, we’ll visit Kirindy Forest and Morondava, where we’ll witness the iconic Avenue of the Baobabs and experience authentic Malagasy life in a Vezo village.

Our journey concludes with a visit to the islands and beaches around Nosy Be. We’ll stay on both Nosy Be and Nosy Sakatia, exploring Nosy Iranja (Turtle Island) and Nosy Komba to encounter black lemurs and swim with whale sharks.

From days 2 – 12, we’ll be accompanied by a knowledgeable female Malagasy naturalist guide, who will enlighten us about the history, culture, and traditions of Madagascar.

Pousse-pousse, Antsirabe, Madagascar


Indri Lemur Madagascar

Tsiribihina River Descent

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Avenue of the Baobabs

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

Tsingy De Bemaraha NP

Tanzania & Zanzibar Group Tour


Madagascar Group Trip

Nosy Be & Nosy Iranja

Tsingy Rouge Madagascar

Nosy Komba


Whale Sharks

Tour Dates

What’s Included

  • 16 nights accommodation
  • 16 breakfasts, 8 lunches & 11 dinners
  • All activities & park fees as per the itinerary below
  • Rock My Adventure group leader & local guides
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information & support
  • All transportation as per the itinerary & included activities (excluding internal flights – paid separately)
  • Malagasy naturalist guide (days 2 – 12)
  • Tips for local guides
  • All activities & park fees as per the itinerary below:
    • Lake Tritriva
    • Pousse-Pousse Ride
    • Antsirabe Market
    • Tsiribihina Riverboat Trip
    • Nosimpela Waterfall
    • Begidro Village
    • Local Music & Dancing
    • Belo Tsiribihina Market
    • Bekopaka Village Tour
    • Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park (Grande Tsingy & Petit Tsingy)
    • Kirindy Forest Walk x 2
    • Baobabs of Love
    • Avenue of the Baobabs
    • Baobab Tree Planting
    • Vezo Village
    • Antananrivo Tour
    • Nosy Iranja & Snorkelling
    • Whale Shark Excursion & Snorkelling
    • Nosy Komba Tour
    • Lemur Park

What’s Not Included

  • Flights (international and local)
  • Airport transfers (however we can arrange these for you)
  • Visas (if needed)
  • Medications, antimalarials or vaccinations
  • Travel/health insurance (required)
  • Drinks & meals not mentioned
  • Optional activities
  • Transport & tips for optional activities
  • Tips for porters/hotel staff


Total – from £3,595 (approx.)*

  • Deposit: £500 (non-refundable)
  • 2nd Payment: £2,580 (due 62 days before the departure date)
  • 3rd Payment: €300 (local payment, paid on arrival)
  • Internal Flights: €300 (approx. – internal flights – booked and paid separately – but included in price above)

* Total subject to current Euro to GBP exchange rates


  • This is an adventurous trip wth some long, hot, dirty, fun, tiring, crazy travel days – don’t come if you can’t handle that! 🙂
  • There are 2 internal flights between Morondava/Antananarivo and Antananarivo/Nosy Be which must be booked separately. These are included in the estimated cost above. We will give you all the information you need to book this when you book your tour.
  • At the end of the trip, you can fly out of Nosy Be or take a connecting flight back to Antananarivo.
  • Please be aware that the 2025 internal Madagascar flight schedules have not been released yet, so we have based the dates on the 2024 schedule, it should be the same, but be aware that if not the trip dates may move forward/back a day or two.


Day 1: Antananarivo

Arrive in Antananarivo (‘Tana’ for short) and transfer to your accommodation for the night.

Relax and get to know your fellow travellers during a welcome meal! Your Rock My Madagascar Adventure starts here.

*  If you have the time and can arrive earlier, we can organise any other activities you wish to do – this includes chocolate-making workshop, Lemurs’ Park or a Malagasy cooking class. Additional accommodation and activities charged separately.


  • Meals: Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: None
Madagascar Market
Tsingy Rouge Madagascar
Avenue of the Baobabs - Madagascar Group Tour

Day 2: Antsirabe

We’ll leave Tana and make our way to the bustling town on Antsirabe.

When we arrive, we’ll stretch our legs and go for a hike around Lake Tritriva. This picturesque lake is a beautiful green colour, nestled in the crater of an extinct volcano, surrounded by lush vegetation.

We’ll then head into town and take a fun pousse-pousse (rickshaw) ride through the town – this is how the locals get around!

In the evening, we’ll head out to dinner at a great local restaurant and for those inclined, there’s the option to experience the vibrant local nightlife!


  • Meals: Breakfast 
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Lake Tritriva, Pouuse-Pousse Ride
Pousse-pousse, Antsirabe, Madagascar
Madagascar Market

Day 3: Miandrivazo

In the morning, we’ll take a visit to Antsirabe’s lively market! We’ll also take a pousse-pousse ride if we didn’t manage it the day before! 

After soaking in the sights and sounds of Antsirabe, we’ll embark on an overland journey towards Miandrivazo, our next destination. Along the way, we’ll make stops at any intriguing landmarks or attractions along the way.

In the evening, we’ll enjoy dinner and the sunset at the hotel overlooking the Tsiribihina River valley.


  • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Antsirabe Market
Antsirabe, Madagascar
Antsirabe Market
Madagascar Landscape
Belo Tsiribihina

Day 4: Tsiribihina River

In the morning, we’ll drive to Masikimpy village where we’ll meet our motorized river boat to embark on an unforgettable journey along the breathtaking Tsiribihina river.

This is an extremely fun journey that will take 3 days, 2 nights, camping along the river each evening with a crew to look after us.

We’ll be completely immersing ourselves in Malagasy life, meeting the local people, looking out for wildlife and watching the world go by from our comfortable river boat.

Today we’ll also visit one of the best waterfalls in Madagascar – Nosinapela and its natural swimming pool, where we may also see some lemurs!

Afterwards, we’ll pitch up camp on the river, our crew will prepare dinner and we’ll enjoy an evening around the camp fire.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Camping (Quality Camping Equipment & Camp/Cook Staff Included)
  • Activities: Riverboat Trip, Nosimpela Waterfall
Belo Tsiribihina
Madagascar Landscape

Day 5: Tsiribihina River

This will be an incredible day on the river.

After breakfast, we’ll we make a brief stop at Begidro village. Here, we have the opportunity to engage with the local community, visit a  school and traditional homes and see a tobacco plantation.

We’ll then continue our journey down the river until we reach our next camping spot. There will be some time to visit local bars along the way too! 

In the evening, we’ll enjoy traditional singing and dancing around the campfire. A night you are sure never to forget!


  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Camping (Quality Camping Equipment & Camp/Cook Staff Included)
  • Activities: Riverboat Trip, Begidro Village, Singing & Dancing
Vezo village, Madagascar
Antananarivo Madagascar
Madagascar Landscape
Madagascar Tour

Day 6: Belo Tsiribihina

Today is our final morning on the river as we make the journey to Belo Sur Tsiribihina.

When we arrive, we’ll meet our 4×4’s and check into our hotel. The afternoon is free to relax, or we can take a little wander through the town, visiting the local market.

In the evening, we’ll have dinner and prepare for the next part of our journey up to Bekopaka and Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park.

  • Meals: Breakfast & Lunch
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Riverboat Trip, Local Market
Belo Tsiribihina

Day 7: Bekopaka

After breakfast, we’ll continue north to Bekopaka, just outside of Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is an exciting journey, driving on some of Madagascar’s infamous ‘secondary’ roads (the type that feature on the Top Gear Madagascar special) and taking a couple of car ferry crossings across the Tsiribihina & Manambolo Rivers. Get ready for some off-roading!!! 

Upon arrival, we’ll indulge in a leisurely lunch. Later in the afternoon, guests can opt for a village tour (included) or simply unwind, perhaps with a refreshing swim at our charming lodge, preparing for the exciting adventures that await tomorrow.

  • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Bekopaka Village Tour
Antananarivo Madagascar
Antananarivo Madagascar
Antananarivo Madagascar
Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Day 8: Bekopaka

From Bekopaka we’ll travel into Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park to explore the incredible rock formations of Grande Tsingy*, one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world.

We’ll have a picnic lunch in the park, before returning to Bekopaka and then you will have the option (included) to visit Petite Tsingy (easy walk with no ropes) for sunset.

In the evening we’ll enjoy dinner together at the lodge.

* Please be aware that this involves some walking/climbing with ropes – not great if you’re afraid of heights. If you would prefer not to climb, we can organise canoeing down the Manambolo River gorge instead, which is also pretty amazing!


  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park (Grande Tsingy & Petit Tsingy)
Aerial View of Stone Town, Zanzibar

Day 9: Kirindy

In the morning, we’ll leave Bekopaka, making the exciting journey south towards Morondava, spending the night in the Kirindy Forest Reserve.

Kirindy Forest is home to a stunning variety of plant and animal life, including eight lemur species, tenrecs, narrow-striped mongoose, giant jumping rat and the rare, fossa. 

In the afternoon/evening, we’ll take a forest walk before relaxing at our lovely lodge.


  • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Kirindy Forest Walk
South Africa, eSwatini & Mozambique Tour
Fossa - Madagascar Tour
Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

Day 10: Morondava

After breakfast, we’ll take an early morning forest walk to look for more lemurs and other interesting species, before driving the short distance back to Morondava.

On the way, we’ll stop at the ‘Baobabs of Love’ and the very photogenic, Avenue of the Baobabs, where we’ll plant our own baobab trees.

The rest of the day is free to relax at the beach or hotel, use the pool or explore the town. Morondava is a bustling place with a great atmosphere.

In the late afternoon, we’ll return to the Avenue of the Baobabs for sunset and sundowners, followed by dinner at the hotel.


  • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Kirindy Forest Walk, Baobabs of Love, Avenue of the Baobabs, Baobab Tree Planting
Antananarivo Madagascar
Chez Maggie Madagascar

Day 11: Morondava

For those who want to, we can organise an optional sunrise visit to the stunningly beautiful Avenue of the Baobabs (additional cost).

After breakfast, we’ll visit a local Vezo tribe village.

Here you’ll enjoy delcious Malagasy food, energetic music and dance (you are welcome to join in or you can just watch), visit a traditional Malagasy healer and you will have the option to get your face painted traditional Malagasy style (Masonjaony).

In the afternoon, we return to Morondava and there will be some free time to visit the local markets/handicraft shops and taking a pousse-pousse (rickshaw) around town.

We’ll organise a group dinner for those who want to venture out. Morondava also has some nightlife for those who’d like to ‘move it, move it’!


  • Meals: Breakfast & Lunch
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Vezo Village
Madagascar Group Trip
South Africa, eSwatini & Mozambique Tour
Madagascar Market
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Day 12: Antananarivo

The morning is free to relax at the lodge or those who want to can visit a Betania, a different Vezo village and the nearby mangroves.

In Malagasy language, ‘Vezo’ literally means ‘the people who fish’, but the real definition is ‘to live with the sea’.

Around lunch time, we’ll fly back to Antananrivo to prepare for the final leg of the journey!

In the evening, we’ll have a group dinner at the hotel or a nearby restaurant.


  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: None
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Day 13: Nosy Be

In the morning, we’ll take a tour of Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo (as time allows – dependent on the internal flight times). We’ll visit some of the main attractions such as the Queen’s Palace, Route Digue Handicraft Market and Analakely Market.

We’ll stop for lunch at a local spot in the city centre.

In the afternoon, we’ll head to the airport to catch a short flight to the island of Nosy Be in the north of Madagascar.

In the evening we’ll have dinner and watch the sunset at our hotel right on the beach!


  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Antananarivo Tour
Antananarivo Madagascar
Madagascar Market
Tsardia Madagascar
Madagascar Group Trip

Day 14: Nosy Sakatia

We’ll leave Nosy Be (for a couple of days) and take a morning boat transfer to Nosy Iranja, also known locally as ‘Turtle Island’ where it’s very common to see hawksbill and green turtles swimming in the waters around the island.

Nosy Iranja encompasses two main islands that are connected by a fine white sandbank (the picture-perfect image of Madagascar,) which is visible at low tide and half covered at high tide.

On the larger island, you’ll find a lighthouse designed by Gustav Eiffel who designed the Eiffel Tower.

We’ll then make our way to our new home, a hotel on the island of Nosy Sakatia, an important breeding ground for sea turtles.


  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Nosy Iranja, Snorkelling 

Day 15: Nosy Sakatia

Today we’ll head out on an excursion looking for the magnificent whale sharks that migrate to the warm waters of Nosy Be between September and December.

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world, and despite being sharks, they are completely harmless to humans, only eating plankton, small fish, and shrimps.

Swimming with them is an unforgettable experience and we may even see some turtles, dolphins, humpback whales or Omura’s whales too.

The afternoon is free to explore the island and relax at the hotel before we have dinner together.


  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Whale Shark Excursion
Aerial View of Stone Town, Zanzibar
South Africa, eSwatini & Mozambique Tour
Aerial View of Stone Town, Zanzibar
Black Lemur Nosy Komba Madagascar

Day 16: Nosy Komba & Nosy Be

Sadly we have to leave Nosy Sakatia today but we will console ourselves with a visit to the island of Nosy Komba.

During our excursion, we’ll visit the local fisherman’s village, a plant medicine garden, the market and enjoy a lovely island lunch!

Nosy Komba is also known as ‘Lemur Island’ due to its famous black lemurs that are very used to humans and protected by the local community.

We’ll have the opportunity to see the lemurs in the forest during our visit.

In the afternoon we’ll head back to Nosy Be for a farewell dinner!


  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel (Ensuite)
  • Activities: Nosy Komba Tour, Lemur Park
Nosy Komba Madagascar
Nosy Be Madagascar
Nosy Be Madagascar

Day 17: Departure Day

Today is always a sad day as we say goodbye to our new friends, but the memories and shared experiences of Madagascar will last a lifetime!

We can arrange the transfer to Nosy Be Airport or you can continue your Africa travels from there.

If you need any support with your pre or post-tour Africa travels, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s all part of the Rock My Adventure service!

*You can fly out directly from Nosy Be or take a flight back to Tana. If you fly back to Tana, you can either fly home in the evening, or we can arrange an extra hotel room for you that evening. 


  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: None
  • Activities: None

Please bear in mind that the itinerary is subject to minor changes, ‘This is Africa’! But whatever happens, we’ll ensure you have an amazing trip!!

Have a question? Feel free contact us here or take a look at our FAQ’s page.



It was an amazing trip I would recommend to anyone.

The trip was amazing. It was seamlessly organised. We stayed in so many beautiful places. I think I saw more beautiful beaches on the trip than I have anywhere else I’ve travelled, and I loved the wildlife we saw. Our local guides were amazing and gave us a real insight into the culture, which was quite unique. Too many highlights to list them all but the ones that spring to mind are: one incredible day where we swam with dolphins, whale sharks and giant sea turtles (all wild, and the latter two multiple times), up there as one of my all time favourite travel days; an amazing night walk seeing lemurs and other wildlife up close for the first time, getting local canoes, watching the sun set with amazing scenery and locals playing music and dancing for us – it was one of those really special moments. And there were so many small moments in the group that brought a lot of fun and laughter to it all. It was an amazing trip I would recommend to anyone – perhaps particuarly to someone who has seen continental Africa and loves it but also fancies something a bit different – it is a very unique and amazing place!


Tanzania Group Tour

“Every day after was as impressive as the last.”

“The Rock My Madagascar Adventure was incredible. We saw and experienced so much in such a short space of time. I especially loved Isalo National Park and Ranomafana. Hearing the indris calling in Andasibe was magical too. The trip to Tsingy was a real adventure. The roads are something else, but it was amazing. It was even fun when our car got stuck in a river. Helen was a great group leader, with endless energy and Stella was a wonderful and informative local guide – I feel like we learned a lot about the culture of Madagascar and the all-important ‘Fady’. It was great to travel with a group of like-minded people. Madagascar can be a rough place to travel, but we did it as a team and had SO MUCH FUN. I want to do it all again.”


“Definitely the best holiday I have ever been on.

“The pre-departure information was brilliant. The trips was genuinely fantastic. Really good mix of culture, wildlife, people and touristy/luxury things. I loved the village tour and time with locals, the whale sharks and the nights out! I enjoyed myself and it was fun to meet different characters and all learn how to gel together. I enjoyed the diversity of people on the trip. The accommodations were better than I expected, especially on the islands. The trip met my expectations, 100% and I would recommend Rock My Adventure. I loved all the guides and I enjoyed the different personalities and guiding styles.


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