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 Managing Director, Group Leader & Yoga Teacher

I’ve been travelling in Africa for the last 10 years and lead trips through Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Uganda and the DRC. I love to travel all over the world, but it’s Africa that holds the special place in my heart.

I started the Helen in Wonderlust blog, first and foremost to encourage and help others travel in my favourite continent. From there I started Rock My Adventure to show you the adventurous, beautiful, wild and real Africa I know and love.

I like to get to the heart of the places I travel, to go on epic adventures, to be out in the wild, to meet local people, to experience the nightlife, to try new things, to immerse myself in the culture and most of all to have fun! All Rock My Adventure tours are planned with all these things at the forefront.

Favourite African Countries: All of them, but if I have to choose…Sierra Leone, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi & Tanzania.

Favourite African Adventure: Sailing to the remote Turtle Island of Sierra Leone and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (twice).


Group Leader

Originally from Germany, I fell in love with Africa on the 2017 Rock My Uganda, Rwanda & DRC Adventure in 2017. My tour mates, Helen and I, bonded whilst climbing to the top of a live volcano (Mount Nyiragongo) in the DRC and trekking to find mountain gorillas in the jungles of Uganda. This trip turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made and I had no idea of the crazy adventures and the new journey that lay ahead of me!

After the tour, I continued to travel around Africa independently and now I’m back as a Rock My Adventure tour leader. In 2018 I’ve guided trips through Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique!

I have backpacked all over the world, but Africa is extra special to me. It is challenging, exciting and breathtakingly beautiful.

Favourite African Countries: Tanzania, Uganda & Kenya.

Favourite African Adventure: Climbing Mount Nyiragongo in the Congo.


Photography Pro

I was born and raised in Northern California. There’s nothing in the world I love more than traveling and taking photos of what I see.  I love to meet new people, embark on new adventures, embrace different cultures, and make lasting memories along the way. Photography for me offers yet another way to experience and remember all the things I love about traveling, plus it’s challenging, entertaining, and rewarding.

Besides traveling and taking pictures, I love SCUBA diving (I’m a PADI-certified Instructor).  I’m an “adventurous” eater (I’ll try just about anything).  And I love to laugh!  I’m always up for a dance party, and I’ll never turn down a good karaoke night!

I made my first trip to Africa in 2017 and fell in love! I booked some solo travel through Kenya and Uganda based on information from “Helen in Wonderlust” and then joined Helen’s Rock My Tanzania & Zanzibar Adventure tour shortly afterwards. I loved it so much that in 2018 I returned for Rock My Namibia Adventure. I’m so grateful I found Helen’s blog because it’s been an incredible way to experience Africa and I’m excited for the opportunity to now work together and to be part of the Rock My Adventure team!

Favourite African Countries: Kenya, Tanzania & Namibia.

Favourite African Adventure: Photographing the Migration in the Masai Mara.



Group Leader

The first time I went to Africa I didn’t know what to expect – I just wanted to go somewhere a bit different. Within 5 minutes of leaving Nairobi airport I saw my first giraffes and was sold. A few days later I went on my first safari and was blown away by how incredible seeing African wildlife in person is. Next was a couple of days in a village, where I quickly learnt how fascinating the local cultures and traditions are, and how friendly and welcoming the people are.

Every country (and region!) is different, but fourteen countries later my initial excitement has stayed!  I love the sheer variety Africa has to offer –  amazing culture and history, breathtaking safaris, beautiful beaches and desert islands, adventure sports, amazing landscapes, dangerously good shopping – the list goes on and on! The one constant is how friendly everyone is. 

For me, travelling Africa has meant continually having new adventures and meeting amazing people, and I’m so excited to share those experiences with you!

Favourite African Countries: Botswana, Kenya, Rwanda & Sierra Leone. 

Favourite African Adventure: Cycling the Congo Nile Trail.


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